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Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Founder & CEO

About Janice

Janice has over two decades of experience across corporate and not-for-profit leadership.  Janice is an MBA and is a certified Canadian Human Resources Leader (CHRL).  She also holds postgraduate training in project management.  In combination with her corporate business experience, Janice is a seasoned not-for-profit leader with extensive experience in organizational management and revenue development.  She is a professional fundraiser holding the Certified Fundraising Executive professional designation (CFRE).  Janice has worked in corporate and not-for–profit agencies both large and small (up to $500M annual revenue) including three organizations awarded Top Employer designations. Added to this stellar executive management leadership experience, Janice is an MSW and RSW (also holding a BSW).  She also has post-graduate training in Addictions and Case Management.  Janice has led social sector agencies supporting homeless single-parent (lone female-led) families, and recently spent 15 months in executive leadership roles within Canada’s anti-human trafficking sector where she brought critical trauma-informed social sector leadership to build trauma-informed practices across all agency practices, programs and organizational design.


Janice has the unique ability to understand the needs of current leaders who need counseling support to both lead in their professional lives, but to also progress personally.  Janice’s clinical practice allows leaders to integrate professional and personal leadership to manage the work/life balance necessary for sustained success.

Janice works with the unique needs of each executive client.  Janice helps executives to address work challenges while also helping leaders navigate personal issues that impact overall life success. Janice empowers leaders to gain agency in finding effective solutions to overcome barriers at work while also achieving beneficial outcomes for their organizations and moving their careers forward  Janice also supports leaders in addressing personal issues.  This can cover a wide range of concerns including mental health issues, substance misuse, relationship challenges, parenting issues of children, care of family members including aging parents, financial obligations, etc.  


Janice’s wealth of experience, education and training creates possibilities for deep personal growth, psychological healing and increased emotional intelligence that can bring break-through opportunities for personal and professional growth.  Janice understands how to help leaders navigate life challenges such as stress, burnout, grief, loss, trauma, adverse childhood experiences, personal abuse, illness, separation, divorce, job change, discrimination, harassment, etc. 


Janice provides counseling support and leadership across a wide array of issues where you will:


  • Learn to manage complex work situations and resolve conflict

  • Navigate difficult emotions and workplace cultures

  • Turn challenging professional and/or personal situations into opportunities

  • Learn coping techniques to manage anxiety, depression, stress, burnout, compassion fatigue

  • Effectively manage diversity and create authentic inclusion and equity

  • Deepen personal relationships with intimate partners, children or family members

  • Understand and heal from intergenerational or other trauma 

  • Build stronger and more effective daily habits


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