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innovation & imagination health + wellness inc. (i&i) is committed to parents/guardians who are parenting children, youth or young adults with mental health challenges (ages 5-29).  


Our clinical practice is built on the foundation of enhancing and deepening the bonds of communication to grow trust between parents/guardians and children.


Our clinical practice supports adults.  We are here for parents/guardians and caregivers that need support in navigating the challenges of parenting through mental illness. (i&i does not provide clinical services to children and youth under the age of majority.)

Our team of clinicians and consultants are experienced registered mental health practitioners with a wide range of lived-experience supporting parents/guardians and families of children with anxiety, depression, behavioural disorders, ADHD, grief and bereavement, eating disorders, self-harm, suicidal ideation, risky behaviour, gender identity related-distress, substance misuse and addictions. 


Our counseling, programs, workshops, and events provide practical evidence-based insights, strengths-based therapeutic approaches to care, and tips to help you live your most joyful life. 


We believe in keeping our community healthy, which is why we’re committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients with innovative services. Get in touch to find out more or to book an appointment.

Online Teaching


i&i provides one-on-one therapy to parents/guardians and caregivers.  We understand that parenting is complex.  We recognize that parents/guardians are not receiving the support necessary to navigate the challenges that exist today with the increase in mental illness in children, youth and young adults. 


With a stellar counseling team and accessible online services, i&i is here to provide psychotherapeutic support to parents/guardians and caregivers who have children, youth, and young adults with mental health challenges (age 5-29).

Get in touch with us today to book a counseling appointment or to find out more. 

Online Meeting


Our group therapy for parents/guardians includes peer support so parents/guardians can confidentially learn, grow, and share from other parents/guardians experiencing similar family struggles due to the growing challenges of mental illness. 


Our group programs are designed to meet the current and pressing needs that parents/guardians are facing.  i&i’s group programs equip our clients with skills, tools, knowledge and mutual aid so that each parent/guardian and caregiver is supported, and does not feel alone or isolated as they seek to parent/guardian well through the challenges of having a child, youth or young adult with mental health issues.


Group programs for Parents/Guardians and Caregivers include: 

  • Foundations for Parenting Through Mental Illness

  • Parenting Vigilance: Coping with Self-Harm and Suicidality

  • Family Connections:  Nurturing Healthy Communication

  • Understanding Fathers:  Engaging Men in Mental Health Parental Care  


Get in touch with us today to book a counseling appointment or to find out more. 

Systems Navigation.png


We know that many parents/guardians need help in understanding what services exist for their child, youth, or young adult.  Community mental health services can be difficult to understand and access.  Systems can be complex and fragmented.  


One of i&i’s key services is mental health systems navigation.  We can help parents/guardians and caregivers determine which services best meet your family’s needs.  We can work with you to help you develop the best plan for your unique needs.


Get in touch with us today to book a systems navigation session or to find out more.

Healthy Woman


i&i knows that parenting is a 24/7 job.  Achieving work/life balance may, at times, seem almost impossible when a child, youth or young adult has a mental health diagnosis.  We are here to help.  Our health + wellness programs build simple, daily habits to help you replenish.  


Our health + wellness team includes nutrition and fitness professionals as well as talented parents/guardians that can help you live your most joyful life.


Programs include:

  • Cooking Fun for Busy Parents/Guardians

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Fitness Coaching 

  • Craft and Creativity Hangouts 

  • Wellness Retreats


Get in touch with us today to book a wellness session or to find out more.

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