What Clients Say

Our organization works from the premise that our employees are our best asset, thus ensuring that they are healthy and engaged is of utmost importance.  Trauma-informed front line service delivery is emotional, labour intensive and exhausting work that leads to high turnover. In an effort to reduce burnout and increase staff retention I engaged with innovation & imagination health + wellness inc. to do a trauma-informed audit of our workplace. i&i were incredible in helping me identify the areas where my employees needed more support and more clarity around expectations.  The Policy Guidance Report was essential in guiding us to co-create new policies around vacation time, phone and email use after hours and mental health days.  
More than anything, I am grateful to i&i for opening up space for my staff and I to engage in healthy dialogue about work place expectations.  The services that i&i provide are well worth the investment.
~Sara Cumming, Executive Director Home Suite Hope, Oakville